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International Astronomy Contest

Organised by Institute of Aeronautics Astronautics and Aviation (IAAA)
In collaboration with
National Space Society (USA) - Mumbai
Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)
International Astronomy Union (IAU)
Indo-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industries

The competition has 4 phase
1) 7 certified courses on Astronomy
2) 5 certified webinars after these two a quiz based exam will be taken
3) Workshop on satellite architecture
4) Based on the workshop you will have a mini project

After all this based on merits top 10 winners will be announced those will get sponsored trip to Russian space camp!

Recent Events



Astrobiology-Life at Microlevel

National Space Society, USA- Mumbai chapter conducted a webinar on 10th May, 2020. Research Executive Mr. Krupal Dabhade presented the topic of Astrobiology-Life at Micro Level. The webinar had a great audiance and was very interactive as everyone were interested in Exoplanets, How to find them and scope of Microbiology in Space. Overall the Lecture went way beyond imagination.

NASA'S Vision, Mission & Astronaut Training Program

A webinar was organized by NSS in which Mr. Akshat Mohite (President of NSS) was the speaker. He spoke about the different skills and training required to become what is a dream job for many- An Astronaut. He discussed how one can achieve their dreams of becoming an astronaut. He also talked about Astrobiology, Astrophysics, Cosmology in an interactive question-answer round during the webinar.



Space Telescope and Science Behind It

National Space Society USA - Mumbai Chapter India celebrated 30th Anniversary of Hubble Space Telescope on 7th May 2020. Our Vice President Mr. Pradnesh Mhatre delivered a webinar on Space Telescope and Science behind it, in which participants got the knowledge about basics of telescopes and working principles and discoveries of Hubble Space Telescope. We were fortunate enough to have Astronaut Winston Scott in our webinar which was like a cherry on pie.